« Dear Antoine, I always think of you as the smartest of Frenchmen, I take you to believe me now a little Romanian. »
Marcel Proust
The vineyard of Catleya, located in Corcova, has a rich history. It was during the Belle Époque period in Paris that Prince Antoine Bibesco, Marcel Proust and their friends drank the wines of Corcova, while evoking the pear flower of this mythical place.
It was Bibesco, a Romanian prince, francophile and man of many talents, who decided to expand his vineyard over the finest areas of Corcova. Helped by the French agronomist Sauget, they helped these wines gain their high quality and reputation.
Always an admirer and friend of Bibesco, Marcel Proust wanted to visit Corcova, but his illness prevented him from undertaking the journey.
However the aura of Corcova is present in his writings and Bibesco was the inspiration of one of the main characters in In search of the lost time.

In Marcel Proust’s renowned masterpiece, the Catleya orchid is a symbol of love.
Since 2007, three French wine enthusiasts fell in love with Corcova and its Proustian aura and chose this symbol to represent the vineyard replanted on the historic site of Bibesco’s domain, and Catleya was born.
Evoking both the beauty and the sensory pleasure of time regained, like the fragrance from a rare orchid, Catleya captures the Proustian essence that you will trigger your memories and experiences while enjoying our wines.