photo bibescu
Antoine Bibesco (in Romanian - Anton Bibescu) – was a Romanian prince, diplomat, writer and landowner.
Born in Paris July 15, 1878, he spent his early years between Romania and France. His mother was highly active in the Parisian cultural life of the time and held a salon in their apartment on the Rue de Courcelles, allowing the young Bibesco to rub shoulders with such names as Claude Debussy, Camille Saint- Saëns, Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, Anatole France, George Enesco and also Marcel Proust.
In 1904 Antoine Bibesco began his diplomatic career as First Secretary of the Romanian Legation to the King of Romania in Paris and London. He was appointed Ambassador of Romania, initially in Washington (1920-1926), and Madrid (1927-1931). Meanwhile, he wrote several plays, including Jealous (1904) and Ladies All (1930) the former of which was staged on Broadway.
In April 1919 he married Elizabeth Asquith in London. 19 years his junior, she was the daughter of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Lord Asquith, who served from 1908 to 1916. They had a daughter - Priscilla (1920-2004) whose godparents were Marcel Proust and Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII.
In 1945, his wife died of pneumonia in Romania and shortly afterwards his estate Corcova was confiscated by the communist regime. He finally left Romania and settled in Paris where he died September 2nd, 1951.