« One man understands me - Antoine Bibesco. I whish he does not stop! He is so smart. »
Marcel Proust
Laurent Pfeffer
Wine engineer and oenologist - trained in Bordeaux, he first discovered Romania during a period of study at the Tirgu Bujor vineyards.
Realizing the potential of Romanian wine-growing, he decided with the encouragement of Frederic Vauthier, to return in 2007 to try and find some land.
Fate brought him to Corcova, where he discovered the vineyard’s incredible story. He decided to settle there to plant vines and found the Catleya vineyard.
In parallel, between 2007-2019, he collaborated as technical director at Roy & Damboviceanu vineyard as technical director.
Frédéric Vauthier
Owner of Château Lucas, Lussac Saint Emilion (Bordeaux), which covers an area of 20 hectares, he is part of the 18th generation of his family to produce wines in this area.
In 2007, he embarked on his adventure with Romanian wine with Laurent Pfeffer, in whom he has the upmost confidence.
With an experience of over 15 years in both the vineyard and in the cellar, he has provided major technical advice throughout the making of Catleya wines.
Dominique Pfeffer
Sales in IT, personnal and team coach, wine lover, he was immediately seduced by the Catleya project.
He discovered Romania after visiting to search for land and then fell under the spell of this diverse country.
He now helps with the promotion of Catleya in France and abroad.