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The soils specific to the area are
Brunisol : soil characterised by the presence of a non-calcareous structure, brown coloured iron oxides bound with clay having a macro-porosity and biological fissure .
silty clay, which is rich in iron. They are located on slopes facing either due East or South.
These soils have all the characteristics of classic terroirs :
- a good supply of nitrogen.

The soil’s pH level is slightly acidic (pH 6). This slows down the processing of the
organic material
Organic Material : Soil material composed of living organisms, crop residues and animal and decomposition product. In general it only represents a small percent (0.5 to 10 %) of the soil mass. Under the action of erosion, clearing, micro-organisms, natural and more generally of physicochemical processes oxidation, organic matter is transformed into minerals.
. As a result the vine is never experiencing too much nitrogen consumption, overproduction synonymous with high yielding fruit (lower quality grapes) and leaves (increased risk of disease).
- an even water supply

The soil is composed mainly of clay (between 20% and 45 %) depending on the location. These clays allow the vines a continuous, moderate water supply during its growth period from May to June.
The stock of available water decreases during the summer heat at the end of July, causing water stress in the plant. This ceases vine growth and aids the redistribution of elements collected and produced by the plant to the grapes. This process is very favourable in encouraging quality in bunches of grapes.
- an optimal gradient clay

The vertical increase in clay content increases the density of the soil. The development of the root system becomes more difficult, increasing the depth. The shoot is therefore preferable in the first tens of centimetres from the ground. Due to high density planting (6536 vines / ha), it creates competition between the roots of each plant.
This competition limits vine vigour and promotes concentration and quality in the grapes.