photo manual work
At Catleya we want to respect nature, human labour, vines and production.
In the following way:
- When required organic input is in the form of cow manure or decomposed grape skins.
- Solutions used to protect the vines against
downy mildew
Downy Mildew (plasmopara viticola) : parasitic fungus, it grows on all herbaceous organs (leaves , flowers, young berries ) particularly in humid or hot springs. It can cause crop losses and quality problems vines and weakens stocks.
powdery mildew
Powdery Mildew (Uncinula necator) : a fungal, external parasite it grows as a gray and dusty felting on the upper surface of the leaves and young clusters. It can cause yield losses and quality problems with vines and weakens stocks.
, are limited to a strict minimum . A from 2014, they will be made exclusively with organic products.
- Pruning is well-thought and leaves on each plant, only the number of buds corresponding to the force
- Works such as pruning , removing the unwanted new shoots,
Binding : the attachment and tying with wire of the vines that produce grapes . Growth is encouraged and homogeneously distributed on a horizontal plane.
Tying-up : Lifting operation that consists in passing the branches and foliage between two sons to create a perfectly vertical trellising , which promote sunshine vines and grapes and facilitate the work of men.
and soil maintenance are done by hand with the greatest of care.
- The harvest is manual and the grapes are carefully transported in small crates.