photo vines
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux varietals originally planted in Romania for more than 120 years.
The Feteasca Regala is an indigenous grape variety, producing white wines with great finesse.
Syrah, the red grape of Côtes du Rhône in France, is the latest addition to the Corcova label, with results that have been very promising.
All have adapted to soil and climate conditions of the Corcova appellation and have revealed their character with technical choices made during the planting of the vineyard.
1. Vines were grafted onto
Rootstock : vine resistant to phylloxera and grafted onto the selected grapevine (scion) . Also adapted to the soil type, it is the root system for the graft.
that have adapted to the specific soil giving the vine advantages synonymous with low yields.
2. Were planted at high density (6535 vines / ha) and in a South/South East orientation.
3. The height of the trellises, and therefore the
leaf area
Leaf area : Surface of leaves exposed to direct sunlight. The quality of the grapes is directly correlated to the importance of this surface.
, allows for maximum exposure to sunlight aiding the plants with
photosynthetic capacity
Photosynthetic Capacity : capacity of the plant to carry out photosynthesis , which is the biological process of synthesizing organic matter (glucose) , using light, energy, water, carbon dioxide and inorganic salts.
As from 2014, convinced of the potential of Romanian varieties we will plant Feteasca Neagră , Feteasca Regală and Feteasca Albă.