photo harvest
With the approach of harvest our winemaker, Laurent Pfeffer, regularly tastes and analyses the evolution of maturity in each grape variety. The right balance of acid and sugars, interesting flavours, potential colour extraction, quality and maturity of the
Tannins : natural substances found in the seeds and skins of grapes. True vertebral column of red wine, they help stabilize the colours and provide tasty physical sensations in the mouth, which vary according to their levels of concentration and maturity.
as well at the weather, are all factors taken into account when setting a date for harvest.
Once the date is fixed, the grapes are harvested manually by our team and transported in small crates to the cellar.
Red grapes :
The grapes are destemmed immediately and then sorted on a vibrating table, removing any unwanted remaining plant material and put into tanks with inert gas to prevent oxidation.
Then begins a period of 4 - 10 days of pre-fermentation maceration, during which a gentle, daily stirring of the vintage helps extraction of colour and aromas.
White grapes ( and red grapes for rosé ) :
Once destemmed, the grapes are placed in a horizontal press under inert gas. After a short maceration to extract the flavours and extract the unique rosé colour, begins the pressing cycle. The juice collected is then pumped into a tank and kept at 12°C.